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First, Let me tell you about who I am. My name is Katie, I am in my thirties, I love reading, sewing, cooking, and photography. I am a follower of Christ; because of God sacrificing His life on the cross I am free from the burden of sin! I have been married to my best friend, John, for over 11 years, and we have 4 (yes four) boys. I was born and raised in sunny southern California, and in January 2015 we moved our entire family 2,507 miles across the United States to North Carolina. The purpose of our move was for John to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and further his education.

As a business woman, I started dabbling in selling handmade on Etsy in 2009. At the time I had 2 young children and just wanted something to do as well as make a little extra spending cash. Over the next 6 years I have had a total of 3 Etsy shops, with my main as PaperFromHeaven. It started out with paper products, and then with the advice of a friend morphed into appliqued diaper covers, and then after I had more confidence in sewing I started sewing crayon rolls, which has expanded into what it is today with organizers of all sorts. I have also had 2 different blogs, one under the name of PaperFromHeaven and then I merged it into RaisingOranges, and then I deleted them all together. I was at a point in life where I couldn’t continue to be on social media and control what was going on in my life. I retreated from all social media, personal and business, and refocused my center back on Christ.

After taking time to center my life on Christ and with the advice of a great friend I have decided to rejoin the blogging community. This time with a different stand, and with a clear purpose of what I want to bring to the table.

My goal is to encourage moms and young women. I will talk about the joys and trials of motherhood and married life. I hope to help and encourage women with Biblical truth. I want to let you know you aren’t alone, and that Christ can set you free too.

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